20 Litres Liquid Soap Unscented


Multi purpose unscented large format liquid soap. Wholesale Only.

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This 20 litre Castile liquid soap is a great bulk buy option for those with a bit more space. A tap can be added to these barrels which makes them easy to use as refills for pump bottles.

They are also a great solution for customers to refill their own packaging, or containers offered by the store

This unscented castile soap is great for many uses. You can add your own essential oils, or have no scent at all. Ideal for those who are looking for a hypoallergenic soap. It can be used either for your hands or body, or as a cleaning product for the household or dishes.

This liquid is made with natural ingredients and is palm oil free. 100% ethically sourced and produced.

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Saponified olive and coconut oil.


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