20 Litres Liquid soap Cedarwood & Rosemary


Large format cedarwood & rosemary liquid soap. Wholesale Only.

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This 20 litre cedarwood & rosemary liquid soap is a great bulk buy option for those with a bit more space. A tap can be added to these barrels which makes them easy to use as refills for pump bottles.

They are also a great solution for customers to refill their own packaging, or containers offered by the store.

If flowery and woody are your go-to scents, this cedarwood and rosemary hand wash is perfect. A great companion to the country, rustic kitchen or bathroom, it will keep your hands clean throughout the day. This 5 litre bottle will top up your pump bottle 20 times.

This liquid soap is made with natural ingredients and is palm oil free. 100% ethically sourced and produced.

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Saponified olive and coconut oil, cedarwood & rosemary essential oils.


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